Have a hate crime to report? We can help.


The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate (CRCAH) is a nonpartisan alliance of organizations committed to being vigilant against hate activity by supporting impacted communities and fostering acceptance, compassion, and justice for all in the Cincinnati region.

Promoting Inclusive Values

Everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what.

Assisting Victims

We are here to help others who have been taken advantage of.


Monitor Activies

We monitor any activities that run counter to these values.


Educating The Community

We conduct year-round community education on the causes and prevention of bias, bigotry, & racism.


Create Timely Reponses

We create timely responses to hate crimes and bias incidents.

Volunteer to make a difference

We need people like you who are willing to help with the day to day needs of the organization. We organize events and reach out to members of our community to educate as well as protect.


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Let us all refocus our efforts to unite as a nation and work to put division and hate behind us, once and for all. #OneNation #unitedstates #cincinnati #NoPlaceForHate #wechooselove ... See MoreSee Less

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CRCAH Civility Statement (November 2020)
The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate and its member organizations earnestly implore all candidates running for elected office, and all Americans, to engage during this election season in a curious, respectful, and civil discussion over the future direction of this country. Let's strive to make our political interactions and decisions represent our shared values- peace, justice, freedom and an active love for our human family and the planet that we share.

Particularly during elections, political discourse can become malicious and undermine the spirit of engagement among Americans and our immigrant neighbors. This can further segregate us along socially constructed lines and make it more, not less, difficult to find common ground or even maintain neighborly relations. The bombardment of political slander on TV and via our social media accounts can spread misinformation, intolerance and bigotry. During these next days and potentially weeks, when divisions are most pronounced, we must be vigilant in preventing political discourse from drawing on deep-seated resentments, stereotypes and harmful narratives. Consider that each person has had varied experiences in this land we call home, some benefiting while others are excluded. In the spirit of our shared humanity and in remembrance of the long-suffering of our ancestors, let's exchange ideas to find common ground and create a culture and institutions that center those who have been historically marginalized and allow all of us an opportunity to be better neighbors and thrive within our society. #NoPlaceForHate
Peace & Wellness
CRCAH Executive Committee
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The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate strongly condemns hateful rhetoric towards all Americans. The Hamilton County Board of Elections must remain open and safe for all Americans, including Sikhs and other religious minorities, to exercise their right to vote without intimidation, ridicule, or judgement. #NoPlaceForHate #wechooselove Hamilton County, Ohio Board of Elections Cincinnati NAACP #cincinnati #vote2020The Hamilton County GOP needs to rein in the hateful rhetoric from their supporters at the GOP campaign zone at the Hamilton County Board of Elections. This is absolutely unacceptable. ... See MoreSee Less

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Every individual is entitled to dignity and respect, without prejudice toward race, color, gender, gender identity, (dis)ability, language, religion or lack thereof, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, and economic status.