Bringing The Community Together


The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate (CRCAH) is a nonpartisan alliance of organizations committed to being vigilant against hate activity by supporting impacted communities and fostering acceptance, compassion, and justice for all in the Cincinnati region.

Protecting Our Community

The Cincinnati Regional Coalition Against Hate (CRCAH) is here to help protect the members of our community and to help everyone get an equal chance at life and happiness. 

Educate Our Community

Part of moving forward is understanding each other’s position and understanding the meaning of the cause. We want to educate our community to rationaly consider matters related to fairness and being a good citizen. 

Ensuring Social Justice

We are here to make sure that the right and treatment of minorities and women are monitored. There should be NO barriers for any opportunities based on your sex, religious affiliation, sexual preference, nationality, or ethnicity. We provide a voice for equality. 

Pledge to make a difference


Promoting Inclusive Values

Everyone deserves to be treated equally no matter what. 

Assisting Victims

We are here to help others who have been taken advantage of.


Monitor Activies

We monitor any activities that run counter to these values.


Educating The Community

We conduct year-round community education on the causes and prevention of bias, bigotry, & racism.


Create Timely Reponses

We create timely responses to hate crimes and bias incidents.

Have a hate crime to report? We can help.

Every individual is entitled to dignity and respect, without prejudice toward race, color, gender, gender identity, (dis)ability, language, religion or lack thereof, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, and economic status.